Parannoul received a lot of attention earlier in the year with To See the Next Part of the Dream. When I tried to find more information on him, there wasn’t much available. Then Dajung reached out and told me she discovered he went by another name way back and had returned with this new project.

From the older work to this album, Parannoul has changed a bit. The music is dense and there are very specific ideas with each song. I also think with the years gone by, a different audience has emerged who are more open to the different styles of Korean music.

parannoul to see the next part of the dream

To See the Next Part of the Dream is founded on a shoegaze core that’s mixed with other genre elements. Each track on the album has a lot of layers and can at times feel aimless, but there’s a definite direction throughout each song. By composing and arranging the album without much outside attention, Parannoul released an album that will take most people by surprise.

Just in the first three songs, you hear different variations of music. “Beautiful World” is a direct shoegaze track that carries a brighter sound than the genre usually offers. “Excuse” dives a little deeper into shoegaze and post-rock hints. And “Analog Sentimentalism” adds an emo rock influence. This continues throughout the rest of To See the Next Part of the Dream.

Parannoul has created an album of his favorite music elements and organically combined them to sync together. That’s the impressive thing with the album. It could have easily been an uneven mix of styles, but by centering everything around shoegaze and adding the other elements, Parannoul offers a single cohesive audio vision.

Listening to the album from start to finish, it’s easy to hear any of the songs stand out as singles, but played front to back, there’s a definite journey that you’re supposed to experience. Parannoul resets on “To See the Next Part of the Dream” and offers a quick break before jumping back into his creation. “Youth Rebellion” is more like a pop punk track that’s submerged into shoegaze and “Chicken” isn’t far from a grunge song. But everything fits inside the album.

Parannoul isn’t doing anything really different. It’s the way he presented the album without much attention and has organically found an audience. To See the Next Part of the Dream is a great debut from an artist who has rebranded. Shoegaze fans should enjoy this while fans of other rock genres should give it a try as well.

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