FOG has popped up in my different feeds here and there with new singles, but I lost track a bit until their full length Fogesque released in 2020. The band is a mixture of melodic shoegaze and indie rock depending on the track you hear. Overall Fogesque is a tight and precise total introduction of the band and what the four-piece accomplishes together.

fog fogesque

Personally, shoegaze and post-rock are in my top favorite genres and the two styles have a tendency to overlap. With FOG, the band is firmly positioned in shoegaze. “The Colors Become My Dream” shows this perfectly. As the opening track on Fogesque, the warm melodies that flow over the instrumental collaboration is perfect. The vocals blend within the instrumentals and weave their own journey.

Most of FOG’s tracks are around four to five minutes, which to me is a little uncommon for the genre. But FOG might have scraped away any fluff and have a specific intention for every verse. “Listless” moves to the edges of shoegaze and shakes hands with more indie rock elements. That doesn’t take away any of the track’s enjoyment and I like how FOG isn’t set on only living in the shoegaze standard elements. Many of the songs have a calming tone that feels like you’re riding the wind.

“Acid Dream” is one of the standout singles, taking the genre and presenting it plainly. That doesn’t mean the song is boring, instead, it’s like a new listener’s introduction to the organic construction to how the genre works, and the ways that different instruments contribute to the end result. The back and forth of centering on shoegaze and then adding other elements keeps Fogesque fresh. Sometimes it reminds me of AKUA and even some more beach-style music like CHS.

Sometimes shoegaze dives into the heavier and aggressive melodies but with FOG, they enjoy the lighter and easier-to-digest melodies. If shoegaze isn’t a genre you’ve heard before, FOG is the perfect entry point. Hopefully, they continue to create and open their particular audio universe in the future.

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