“Bedroom production” is a process that is becoming a lot more common for producers and artists. My first introduction to this was with ASEUL and Saebyeok. Looking outside of South Korea, there are more artists creating music at home, exploring different themes, and creating excellent music. If I remember right, Diskq showed up as a recommendation on Spotify which is where I found MIDNIGHT X. Self-described as a “wavy fever dream,” Diskq’s 2021 EP is exactly that. She also pulls from “alternative pop, R&B, and chiptune” which are all audible in her music.

diskq midnight x

Four songs don’t give a lot of time to fully introduce themselves, but Diskq essentially offers four different perspectives within her chosen style. “HONEY HONEY” is an alternative pop electronic track. Overall, it’s a simple and pleasant melody highlighted with harpsichord-like keyboards (which are probably more like a synth keyboard), a simple but moving percussion beat, and her vocals which sit in a comfortable range. “HONEY HONEY” has some Lilly Allen tones while not pulling directly from that audioscape.

“PARADISE DR” dives a bit deeper into that wavy fever dream. It’s still electronic pop, but there’s this underlying tonal shift. It’s a little darker. Diskq’s vocals flow over the pulsing drum beat and constantly moving melodies. The way she sings, there are not many moments where you’re able to take a break and by the end of “PARADISE DR,” you feel like you’ve been walking for miles without know the final destination.

Diskq continues the “PARADISE DR” style on “THE CRASH” while providing a shift in the melody lines. Sometimes it feels like Diskq has so many ideas and she doesn’t want to let any of them go. I do like the way her vocals are pushing the tempo even more than the drum track. Diskq is aware that the vocals might be the featured focus with the instrumentals building the structure around her voice. “THE CRASH” has a lot of layers and while the song on first listen feels simple, you only have to listen past the top line and this whole other organism reveals itself.

MIDNIGHT X closes with “ANGEL 1004.” Strangely, this track feels like it’s opening a door rather than closing out the EP. It presents a slightly brighter tone for the top melody with Diskq’s vocals sitting inside the mix rather than leading it like on other songs. “ANGEL 1004” sounds like a sample of something broader.

Listening to some of Diskq’s older releases to MIDNIGHT X, there is a definite evolution and growth with each track. As she continues her path in “dark pop,” she could go in a lot of different directions. For the listener, it’s going to be a gift to see what comes next.

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