CHS continues to release new music on a regular cadence with Angel Villa as their latest EP. The band’s “tropical psychedelic groove” is more pronounced on the EP and actually feels like the natural progression from Apollo 18 (Choi Hyunseok‘s previous band). The six song EP comes across almost as a single song with the melodies and instrumentals merging together seamlessly.

chs angel villa

“Semeng” is basically an introduction with sparse background tones mixed with chirping birds. It’s an organic presentation with melodies coming from the slowly moving synths. It carries a slow crescendo that doesn’t hit a huge peak, but welcomes you into the EP.

The more customary CHS sound arrives on “Beachwalk.” An accurately titled track, the easy tempo does feel like you’re walking along a shore with waves coming in and out. The guitar-lead melodies are mixed with slide guitar and moving percussion. The composition of “Beachwalk” all moves towards a calm and centered quality that just feels easygoing. “Last Sunset” also captures the song tone very quickly. From “Beachwalk” to “Last Sunset,” it feels like a day next to the ocean. The tempo is slightly slower allowing you to appreciate every note and verse. Also, the psychedelic aspect of CHS comes through full force.

“Slowride” takes a slightly different tone from the songs before it. It actually reminds me of Apollo 18’s layering of instrumentals. Instead of the post-rock aggression, the passive tide continues, but there’s a more deliberate movement. The slow build of melody is heard clearly here. “Cicak” should be one of the lead singles because it captures a lot of the previous CHS energy and brings it forward. The tempo is fluid with some verses moving quickly before pulling back into a casual stroll.

Closing Angel Villa, CHS’ “Bambada” is a look at the beach past midnight. The song even includes waves in the background, sitting underneath the instrumentals, and even some more organic samples appearing here and there. It’s calling that it’s late, but the night isn’t over.

CHS continues to build a discography inspired by an oceanside existence. The EP is perfect for people who are looking to relax, sip a beer, and just enjoy time as it slowly passes by without a care.

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