Adios Audio is a band that continuously releases new music, mainly with singles. Active since 2016, the band has two EPs before this full length and that’s what I’ve been waiting for. The singles were always a nice reminder that Adios Audio was around, but these were small tastes of the band. Now with The Guide for Tomorrow, it’s possible to get a full dive into the band’s indie pop rock style that’s been refined over the years.

adios audio the guide for tomorrow

Yang Maho‘s vocals are the glue across all the music. The three-piece do a lot with lead guitar, keyboards, and drums to create their tracks. Adios Audio has well-crafted high energy and pop-friendly style that’s existed throughout their whole career and this continues on The Guide for Tomorrow. “Letters to You” and “Sea of Dream” live in the same universe, but Adios Audio is exploring more than songs I heard before.

I think all the experience that contributed to the album helps it feel natural and effortless, even though the trio likely worked out tracks to a fine polish. And while Adios Audio’s music style isn’t unique, the band sounds different from other bands in the space.

If you listen to Adios Audio, you will never mistake them for someone else. With their core style, they offer a large amount of variety. The tempos and rhythms don’t fall into repetition with tracks like “The Guide for Tomorrow” slowing the tempo down into an almost rock ballad. “Beautiful Farewell” was previously released as a single but on the album sounds like a slightly gothic rock track.

The album moves fast. 10 songs and 32 minutes later, the experience is over. But the strength in different songs keeps The Guide for Tomorrow as a repeat listen. After many releases, this full length properly shows Adios Audio’s full potential and gives listeners a great rock album to add to their library.

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