While Sindosi‘s EP came out in October, it took a couple of months before I sat down to really listen to Open the pod bay door. It sounds like a continuation of their 2020 EP, A devout person, and that’s perfectly fine. The biggest change is that Sindosi’s sound is much broader and richer than the previous EP.

sindosi open the pod bay door

“Manifesto” starts with a sample of Samuel L. Jackson‘s Pulp Fiction speech before the must starts. It’s a weird combination because “Manifesto” sounds more like a rich indie mixed with folk and blues elements track. The song gives Open the pod bay door a gradual shift into a bigger sound stage.

The band really opens up on “Transform.” It’s a British rock style track that mixes some garage rock elements together. The song starts strong and continues the whole way. It’s the lead single and works best to show off what the band is all about. Sindosi continues the energy on “Dentist” which is a sibling to what “Transform” presents. It’s a song that prefers the backbeat of the tempo until the chorus when it takes a little bit of a break before jumping right back into the bigger energy.

“Midnight sun” pulls back a little and offers more pop rock. The tempo is a bit slower and paced giving Sindosi a bit of a break. Ending Open the pod bay door, Sindosi go into that beach indie rock style that’s starting to emerge more with bands like CHS. It’s a warm and soothing song that feels like waves coming in and out. Using “Malacca” to close the EP is a great way to show that the band is capable of more than a single core style.

Open the pod bay door is a great companion to A devout person. It continues the band’s core style combined with improved recording and mixing to give a more polished presentation. Sindosi capture more of their soundscape and individual audio elements are heard. I’m curious to hear what a full length might present.

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