Bosudongcooler was quiet after their 2019 EP, yeah, I don’t want it. I had heard that the band went through some turmoil and the future looked a little vague. The band released a 2020 single, but late this year, the band released their first full length, Sand.

bosudongcooler sand

The first thing that sticks out with Sand is that it’s a little more mellow than the 2019 EP. The full length also switches from male and female vocals depending on the song. That variety gives the release different energy too. “Clementine” starts the 10 songs and is a simplistic dual vocal-lead track supported by simple electric guitar. This transitions into “Sand.” “Sand” uses a slow melody and mixes indie rock with blues. The main melody is supported by the main band while the lead guitar adds flourishes and highlights throughout.

“Season” has the most in common with the EP while still moving towards Bosudongcooler’s evolved sound. The song has a lot of depth, from the multiple melodies across the guitars and bass and the drumming that guides the song and fills in the empty spaces. “Breath” is a pull back from “Season.” It’s like an indie folk mixed with a rock track as it builds on each verse.

Bosudongcooler go back to “Clementine” territory on “Sandmen” with vocals and guitar. The song acts like a mid-album break before getting to “Dani INTRO.” It’s funny that it’s called “Dani INTRO” because it is followed directly by “Dani,” but the track feels more like a jam warm-up before getting to “Dani.” This is because “Dani” has a different energy from “Dani INTRO.” Even though “Sand” is the lead single for the album, “Dani” could have easily also played this role.

Sand is all about temperate tempos. There’s also a feeling of healing and apprehension with this 10 song set. It’s like the band is getting back into a comfort zone and these songs are also therapy. One of my favorite songs is “Rubber” and that comes right at the end of Sand. One of the elements that stick out a lot is how the lead guitar isn’t just mirroring the rhythms, but actively adding its own voice. There’s also a lot of slide guitar verses which isn’t something I would have expected.

Bosudongcooler’s Sand is a different chapter for the band. It has elements from previous releases, but this is a step forward into slightly new territory. Bosudongcooler is still composing really great indie rock that’s mixed with other genre elements. You know this is Bosudongcooler. The 10 songs might come across as a little melancholy, but maybe that’s exactly what is needed.

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