The five albums and EPs that captured my heart this year, in no particular order. Enjoy!

sumin slom miniseries


A great collaboration between two exceptionally talented artists. Using R&B with elements of electronics, neo-soul, and even some jazz, SUMIN & Slom take their listeners on an incredibly sensual and colorful journey. The album has a truly compelling quality to it and “THE GONLAN SONG” is easily one of the most addictive tracks of the year. Their passion for making music shines through every song and makes listening to the album even more enjoyable.

dwvn it's not your fault

Dvwn : it’s not your fault

In his debut album, Dvwn creates an irresistibly melancholic atmosphere that pulls you in from the beginning. The album is full of moody tracks with slow beats, made even better by the singer’s almost ethereal voice. Dvwn offers a breath of fresh air for Korean indie listeners and I am excited to see where his career takes him next.

lee kang seung korean dream

Lee Kang Seung : Korean Dream

A short, sweet, and absolutely dreamy EP. With his soft vocals and wistful instrumentals, Lee Kang Seung embodies everything I love about Korean indie music.

giriboy avante

GIRIBOY : avante

An album full of groovy, vibrant beats and dark, edgy lyrics, which is what exactly GIRIBOY does best. The artist delivers another impeccably crafted and intriguing story, with complex texts and a wide variety of genre choices. His constant growth and reinvention are what, in my opinion, makes him one of the most interesting figures in Korean music.

heize happen


In the first album with the new label, P Nation, HEIZE proves that she is a fully grown artist who is not afraid to venture into new territory. She accomplishes it with eight captivating tracks featuring a range of talented artists. “From the Rain” with Ahn Ye Eun especially caught my attention, as the track uses gayageum, a traditional Korean string instrument.

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