RIOT KIDZ recently celebrated their 10th anniversary and their growth as artists is evident in the newest release. STUNNER is an exciting two-song single with a wild, carefree feeling to it. Two energetic tracks with a punk sound that is classic, yet not outmoded.

riot kidz stunner

The title track of the release, “STUNNER” is a fierce punk song. Powerful rhythms and intense vocals are present from start to finish. The drums are what shine through the most, but they do not overpower the vocals or the striking guitar riffs.

Even though I am not the biggest fan of punk music, I found myself captivated by the undeniably charismatic energy of this track. I think the studio recording does not show the full charm of the vocals, which probably are best suited for live performances (as good punk vocals ought to be).

“UPPERCUT” offers a classic rock sound that made me smile right at the first listen. The catchy, intriguing guitar riff and clever lyrics work perfectly with the neat drums. Even though it has an old-school punk rock sound, the song still sounds fresh.

The track feels somehow lighter than “STUNNER” while not straying too far away from the powerful tone which RIOT KIDZ are known for. Definitely my favorite out of the two.

After years of being active, RIOT KIDZ is not slowing down. It is nice to see a long-established band still trying to better their music with every release, determined to work on their craft. I think this is an exceptional quality for a band to have, and RIOT KIDZ definitely shows it through their music. STUNNER has a polished sound and is an exciting new release for punk rock fans.

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