Outside of well-known rock and indie music genres, there are a lot of musicians in other genres. Blues is an interesting genre because there seem to be a lot of musicians who come and go but every release is excellent. CR Taegyu‘s OnStage performance is where I was introduced to him. Blues Buffet is his 2021 album that lives in blues but also adds other elements, much like rock and indie artists who bring blues influence into their music.

cr taegyu blues buffer

“On The Platform” is a short warmup at one minute and 12 seconds. Blues Buffet starts on “Happiness Circuit” where the album’s energy spikes quickly. CR Taegyu has all the expected foundations of blues in his music and also brings a rock highlight into the end of verses. It’s kind of similar to how Lowdown 30 used both blues and rock together.

CR Taegyu adds synth percussion to his blues on “Up N’ Down.” It’s a strange mix with electronic beats mixing with the guitar rhythms. The energy is different while the song starts getting stuck in your head. “Disagreement Blues” is probably the most straightforward blue track. The stereotypical slow tempo and repeating verse are heard in full bloom.

Blues Buffet’s strength is that while it uses the foundations of the genre, CR Taegyu isn’t just copying and pasting over and over. He’s making slight adjustments to each style and giving each track something unique. A direct blues album would have been good, but I like how there’s a good amount of experimentation on the album. He’s not making something expected.

CR Taegyu is the first blues artist I’ve heard in a while and I like how there’s a mixture of old and new. He’s a talented guitarist and the addition of synth percussion was unexpected but works on the tracks it’s used on. Blues Buffet is great for older blues fans who want something new and a great starting point for new blues listeners.

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