verycoybunny‘s BUNNY was an EP that seemed to constantly reappear when I was listening to music. Her music is founded on R&B, but adds in a lot of pop ideas. The R&B mainly comes through with her voice and overall, BUNNY is more unique than a standard pop R&B release.

verycoybunny bunny

I feel like verycoybunny is an artist of her environment. “To You” is a low-key and laid-back start to the EP. It introduces verycoybunny’s main points clearly with her love of melody, layering instrumentals, and making everything feel warm and welcoming. “‘Dairy” moves a little further into the bedroom pop genre and the chorus really shines. There are a lot of familiar pieces that verycoybunny uses in her music, but she’s harnessing them to make everything unique.

Pretty much every song on BUNNY is a solid single with influences from other pop music. “I don’t care” doesn’t sound like something you’d hear in South Korea and more like an indie pop act in the United States. “Dance with me” has the same quality too. I think “Dance with me” is one of the strongest songs on BUNNY. It’s like a pop rock mixed with electronic pop song that bleeds with oversaturated sugar. It’s a fun and to-the-point song that never seems to get old.

BUNNY’s back end sounds stronger compared to the earlier tracks, but as a whole, the EP is cohesive and worth the listen. Honestly, there’s a timeless quality to the EP because it reminds me of the late 90s along with the early 2010s. But in 2021, it’s like a cleansing of the over-produced pop that exists now.

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