With her first full EP, Forever, seoseo delivers something that sounds like a perfect soundtrack to an indie coming-of-age movie. Listening to this R&B/Hip Hop release made me want to get in my car and go on a long, aimless drive at night. The seemingly innocent lyrics about everlasting love only add to the feeling of youthful hopefulness, however, the way in which seoseo describes love is not cheap or shallow. The artist skillfully conveys her message of believing in eternal love. 

seoseo forever

The first song of the EP, “Forever” starts with nifty, chill guitar strings. The beat, which comes in after a moment, is also more on the calm, low-key side. seoseo’s vocals smoothly sail over the beat, giving off a moody and a bit dreamy vibe as she sings about everlasting love. She does not put too much emotion into her voice, making it seem like she is simply stating facts about her feelings for the other person.

This delivery makes the song’s message come through strongly. Even though love that lasts forever might seem like a naive concept, SeoSeo’s lyrics are far from describing it that way. She understands that love is not easy and even after experiencing its dark side, she still believes it to be eternal and “forever.” This interesting nuisance is what makes the lyrics far from another empty promise of perfect, everlasting love. Forever is a strong opening to the EP, with a hazy vibe and a hook that easily gets stuck in the head. 

The EP picks up the tempo a bit with the second track, “Movie.” Right off the bat, the song is more energetic and the vocals are a bit more involved. The lyrics express the singer’s bitterness over a breakup and her sad realization that the relationship could never be “like a movie.”

She uses melodic rap to better express the rush of thoughts in her head. Once again, seoseo is not afraid to be vulnerable with her feelings and understands that when it comes to romance, what we hope for may not always come true. I think the feature from Jayci Yucca works well in this song and his voice matches seoseo’s vocals perfectly.

“Down” continues in a similar style as the previous track. The song starts with bubbly guitar strings, which are later accompanied by energetic but not too overwhelming drums. The lyrics continue on the topic of ruminating on a past relationship, with undistracting instrumentals. Despite the melancholic lyrics, the song has an easy, uplifting feeling to it.

In “MAYBE,” seoseo shows off her airy vocals, elevated by the use of autotune in some moments. The song has a chill pop quality to it, not too overwhelming but still pulling the listener in with its unique melodies. M1NU’s sharp voice is absolutely attention-grabbing and a perfect addition to the track.

“Medicine” has a bit more sweet and groovy vibe. seoseo’s vocals sound sincere and almost naive. It is a cute, innocent song with a short but memorable feature from Cloudybay. This track offers a breath of freshness after the previous, darker songs on the EP.

In the final track, “Blue,” seoseo introduces yet another mood. This time it is a pensive, charming ballad, with soft guitar strings and a slow beat. Her voice is delicate, almost as if she was singing a lullaby. WILRO’s feature brings a bit of energy into the second part of the song, however, it does not disrupt the overall dream-like calmness of the track.

In my opinion, Forever is a very strong debut. seoseo clearly had an idea about the message she wanted to convey in her music and she executed it with impressive skill. Her biggest advantages as an artist are definitely her creative lyrics and the ability to show a range of emotions in her voice. seoseo created a perfect EP to listen to when you want to feel like the main character in an indie coming-of-age movie. 

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