It took a long time for us to have a new PAKK album. Those who enjoyed their first LP surely will enjoy this new work. They accomplish the feat of using the same formula without being repetitive.

칠가살 pakk

Just like they did on the first album, the opening song is a recited text. It’s also an ambient song that could be a little misleading. “Contagion” builds a mysterious atmosphere that intensifies when a drum sound in the back starts getting higher. The cover art depicts a ritual or religious dance giving us a hint of what is about to start. The curtain is about to open and unveil the true nature of the album. “

Prematurely,” the second track, immediately produces a break and spikes the energy to another level. In 칠가살, the band adopts a more visceral sound, a bit far from previous albums. They showcase the same talent, but it’s a pleasant surprise the different styles they can produce. Even though the essence of PAKK is mixing genres, earlier works were more experimental and calm, while this time one could even say that the band sounds like a power trio.

From time to time it seems like a jam session, and each song is perfectly connected to the next one. While hearing Infestation, it reminded me of the Red Hot Chili Peppers in the Blood Sugar Sex Magic-era (the best one in my opinion), not only for that playing style but also for the bass sound with a funk rock vibe. In general, the bass really shines and fills every space perfectly.

Each song keeps building a momentum that finally reaches its peak in the middle of “Entreat.” After that, “Ritual for Contagion” acts as the counterpart of the opening song, while hearing it we could imagine a bonfire extinguishing. Slowly and one by one the sounds start to fade out until the next ritual.

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