I don’t know when I first heard DOMA, but it wasn’t until the unfortunate news of her passing that I started listening to her music. Drifting To An Island For Reason I Don’T Know is her first full length and captures a simple and casual folk style.

doma drifting to an island for reason i don't know

“Is This Love” is a casual and minimalist track that highlights her vocals accompanied by guitar and percussion. The track is guided by her voice which is the case on every one of the 12 tracks. Over almost 53 minutes, DOMA precisely controls the tone and velocity of each verse. Tempo is in careful control with songs moving slightly slower than a walking pace but providing comfort with how easy it is to hear.

DOMA has a folk foundation but also explores and adds other elements. “The Emerald Sea” is one of those songs. It carries a slight jazz instrumentation influence. In ways, DOMA has a similar style to Kim Sawol. There’s a style that every song is built from and then other influences come and go or there’s experimentation happening.

Drifting To An Island For Reason I Don’T Know is best heard without a lot of references. Each song has its own unique charm and shows a different perspective of DOMA. I think it’s an album that can be played in the background and parts of songs will get your attention. Or you will play it and different songs will stick out at different times.

I will say that “So Good” and “Reading An Old Novel With The Flesh” are two of my favorite songs but I need to dive into the latter part of the album more. As a debut, this album would have been one of my favorites of 2017 but I, unfortunately, missed out on it when it was originally released.

DOMA’s passing makes this full length even more melancholy because of the potential she shows. Recently, her collaborator worked to release a second full length of her songs and that shows just how much worse off the music world is without her continued artist journey.

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