The Poles‘ Spotify discography goes back to 2017, alternating between EPs and singles. The High Tide Club is the band’s first full length and offers a comprehensive and likely first introduction to many people. For melodic rock and low key music fans, this 10 song album could be the perfect addition to your libraries.

the poles the high tide club

It’s comfortable rock music, favoring slower tempos and interwoven melodies. It has an almost nostalgic old school rock and roll tone at times, as heard on “Rollover.” It reminds me of music released in the United States in the mid-2000s that was an extension of the pop punk explosion. In 2022, that familiarity helps The Poles gain instant traction with their music.

While not on that in-your-face level of volume, The Poles are carefully crafting strong songs. I don’t think any track is a quick throwaway and it’s possible that each song could be a standalone single. “Find Me!” is one of the most engaging tracks but doesn’t have the most plays. Also, The Poles don’t rinse and repeat on the album. Each song has its own flavor that speaks to the theme.

It might be a weird comparison, but I get a mixture of Blur and Soundgarden on many of the songs. That’s not the core of the band’s style, but I hear Blur-esque melodies and Soundgarden guitar riffs. It helps give The High Tide Club some bigger moments. Reappearing is 2022 remaster of “Good Morning Sunshine,” which was an earlier released single. It fits the album seamlessly.

“Sun Shower” is the most played track on Spotify, but I don’t think it’s the strongest song on the album. It’s a good song, but it’s the most mellow and ballad-esque track among all the songs. “Don’t Be Afraid” follows “Sun Shower” and I think that has the same energy with a stronger bridge.

The Poles may be harnessing some rock standard practices, but The High Tide Club is a strong start in 2022. The band have a strong introduction to new listeners and I’m sure this album will become a favorite of a lot of people.

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