It was surprising to get an email from a Japanese label, but FLAU is one that I heard of before. So I was curious why they would be sending a message. It turned out that it was releasing a single by Mothfly aka Eunice Kim.


According to FLAU:

Mothfly is the music project of Eunice Kim, who was born and raised in Tokyo and currently spends her time between Korea, Japan, and the US. She is a multi-talented artist who not only makes music, but also illustrates and works in media art. She produces experimental pop that mixes electronic elements with warm acoustic sounds.
Her first single Pure is a minimal dream pop track that undulates between melancholy and hope. It layers fragile but warm sounds from electric and acoustic cello, analog synthesizer, and voice.

“Pure” is a mix of ambient electronic combined with artificial nature sounds. It carries a forward direction while swaying back and forth. There isn’t a true verse-verse-chorus arrangement, “Pure” simply moves at a welcoming pace.

“Writing this song served as a kind of meditative healing process for me. It’s about mourning lost innocence. I recorded it in my room and my friend’s room in Seoul and Los Angeles. I wanted to convey a sense of sincerity and intimacy through the rawness of the arrangement and the recording.”

Eunice Kim

The track is pretty much perfect for electronic listeners and is also a nice welcome to people who are looking to explore the electronic genre.

Mothfly’s “Pure” will be on streaming services on February 18, but you can listen to the song on Bandcamp now.

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