I think winter is the favourite season for ballad singers to write about, so it may seem a bit overused. GYE0M’s take in Winter to our love may not be a groundbreaking one, but it is really nice to listen to and isn’t that the point of music? It definitely evokes the cold and distant feelings associated with heartbreak and wintertime. The four simple ballads are undeniably charming and full of genuine depth. 

gye0m winter to our love

The EP opens with “Afterimage,” a slow and pensive ballad about lost love. Just like the memories he is describing, the song feels very cold and distant. The snowy music video perfectly matches the wistful vibe of the track.

The next song, “Keeping Thoughts,” is a very pessimistic take on love. In a soft, almost indifferent voice, GYE0M states that the person he loves will never truly understand him. He is accompanied by Lee Yerin (이예린). The song is sad, but the artists create an interesting dissonance between the loneliness expressed by the lyrics and the warmth coming from the two voices harmonizing together. The music video is a continuation of the previous one and picks up right after Afterimage ends.

On “A Night at the Edge of The Winter,” GYE0M really dives into the winter motif by presenting “unforgettable memories” made in the wintertime. This song is more pensive, and a bit less edgy than the previous ones. GYE0M’s soothing vocalizing over simple guitar strings adds a sense of hopefulness and warmth.

The last song of the EP, “You Used To,” continues in a similar style as the previous tracks. There is a unique sense of depth shining through the music, a lot of which comes from GYE0M’s ambient vocals.

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