debuts with a captivating EP, using an innovative approach to test the extent of the artist’s influence on the listening experience. The seven tracks, a mix of R&B and neo-soul with a touch of jazz and pop, are each accompanied by a blog post full of pointers from the artist herself, explaining what the songs are about and in what moments best to enjoy them.

lavndr forget-me-not

The tracks describe various types of love, which is the main theme of the EP. Even though carefully crafted, forget-me-not has a sense of organic honesty to it. As lavndr herself puts it, she made the songs she wanted to listen to and the EP is imbued with the innocent genuity of this notion. Every second of the EP is filled with so much fun, happiness, and passion, that it is hard not to immediately fall in love with it.

In the opening track, “you mean so much to me,” lavndr describes the intensity of falling in love at the first sight and her heart’s fierce response to it. Following the synthy and whimsical intro, the singer comes in with confident vocals which immediately whisk you away into her dreamy world. lavndr conjures a classic, strong R&B sound with added elements of neo-soul.

The following track, “nobody like you,” is a groovy and sweet take on falling in love, with a slower tempo and a more chill vibe. The simple, bedroom pop quality makes it particularly fun to listen to.

In “summer,” lavndr sings about a ‘summer fling,’ with a jazzy, soul rhythm and relaxed mood. The effortless lightness and charming honesty of her vocals make for a captivating track. According to the artist herself, listening to the song is like driving through a beach on a summer day and this is exactly the vibe of this track.

With the 4th song, “ma chérie,” the singer introduces a more energetic and funky vibe. The song is cheeky and flirtatious and will make you want to dance. The lyrics are inspired by the movie Before Sunrise. The artist suggests listening to it when on a drive or just going on an adventure and this is exactly the feeling I got from this song. Its joyful energy makes you want to move and go on some kind of adventure.

The surprising next track, “forest fire,” is a one-minute, indie rock piece, which lavndr calls “a hazy stream of consciousness.”  It makes for an interesting addition to the EP, and stands out from the other tracks with its more upbeat and edgy quality. It is a perfect coming-of-age indie rock anthem, which shows off the singer’s ability to effortlessly switch between different genres.

In “way too good,” layered piano chords mark the return to the chill, relaxing vibe from the beginning of the EP. The breathy, seductive vocals and layered instrumentals make for a groovy crush anthem.

lavndr concludes the EP with “fadeaway,” a hazy track inspired by the Korean romance-drama movie Christmas in August. Subdued and slow at the beginning but more dancey later on, the song envelopes the listener in a cozy feeling, even though the lyrics express regret and longing.

lavndr doesn’t want people to only listen to her music, she wants them to experience it. She accomplishes it in this release by presenting a carefully crafted range of emotions for the listener to experience. The attention to detail seen in this project makes it hard to believe that this is lavndr’s first major release.

The EP is fun and immensely enjoyable to listen to, and the descriptions provided on her blog make it even more alluring. She seems really happy to be making music and after reading through her blog one cannot help but be excited about her future projects.

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