BrokenTeeth‘s The Letters first appeared in my Bandcamp feed before it was delisted. It appeared on Spotify and I started listening to it again, The album is seven songs of rock and shoegaze mixed together. I didn’t get a deep listen to the album at first but coming back to it now reveals a very tight and enjoyable EP.

brokenteeth the letters

Starting The Letters with “Unsent Letters(blank)” introduces the EP with an instrumental. It has a lot of signature shoegaze elements. The even tempo combined with wandering instrumentals for three minutes. “Fireworks” takes that and adds vocals and changes the genre to an indie rock track. The mix lowers the vocals into the instrumentals so it sounds like everything is flowing around the main melody.

I think this mixing is a signature of BrokenTeeth. The vocals are an important part of the song, but they don’t necessarily lead the song, the instrumentals serve that purpose. “Whitebird” is a slightly slower song with plodding percussion with guitars filling every verse.

“Rain, Rain, Rain” is the longest song at six minutes and returns to a pure post-rock and shoegaze presentation. The instruments all play against one another with the lead guitar offering highlights. Vocals sound more like an additional instrument and have an echo effect applied that gives the track a bigger atmosphere.

“First Snow” and “A Giant Step of the Turtle” move back to a more standard rock style which is a nice transition from the previous songs. It’s “In Full Bloom” as the closer that cements BrokenTeeth’s style. It’s pushing wave after wave of audio into your ears like an incoming tide.

A nice feature of the music is that while the pulse and tempo of the music can be aggressive, the mix of the music is rather calming. You are firmly in the center of the experience and BrokenTeeth ensures that.

The Letters is a great addition to the shoegaze and post rock genre. The rock tracks dispersed to give a nice break from the potential crush of music too. I’m curious how BrokenTeeth will evolve and his 2022 single “Paradox” hints at an even bigger sound stage.

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