In their first EP, the newly formed indie band U R Lounge (유어라운지) explores the feelings of anxiety that come with realizing the pressures brought upon us by the passing of time. In three nostalgic ballads, the lead singer sings his heart out in a style reminiscent of a forgotten jazz bar. With simple production and profound lyrics, All my nights make for a compelling debut.  

u r lounge all my nights

“Lounge” is the opening instrumental track, which is simple yet effective in setting the laid-back mood of the EP. In correspondence with the title, I could easily imagine this soft tune playing in the lounge of some mellow music bar. The delicate yet whimsical soundscape serves as a perfect transition into the subsequent tracks of the EP.

The second track, “To me,” is an ambitious ballad with a slow tempo. The artist’s soothing voice blends well with the layered instrumentals, creating an uplifting but somewhat subdued feeling. The lyrics resemble hazy wanderings of the mind, which talk about past regrets and heartbreak. The distant guitar solo in the middle of the song seems to invite the listener to spend a moment reminiscing on their own past.  

“From my night” is less intense and has more of a soft pop quality to it. The youthful feeling of being lost in the world is described by the poetic lyrics in an honest and compelling way.  

The EP concludes with “Road.” This English-language ballad reintroduces the instrumentals from the opening track, giving a sense of completion to the EP. With the pensive guitar strings repeating throughout the whole song and the profound, abstract lyrics, the song is a perfect ending to this debut EP.  

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