Your Crush originally reached out to the Korean Indie about an earlier single and I’ve been listening to the duo’s different singles since then. Strawberry Sheets is a collection of all their singles in EP form rather than a new set of songs, but it might be the best way for new listeners to understand the group. It offers a cohesive narrative over five songs and presents Your Crush perfectly.

your crush strawberry sheets

The duo is a mix between lo-fi pop, electronic pop, and dream pop. In a way, it’s a representation of Generation Z music themes that also welcome trends and elements from artists before. The music is perfectly melodic. The mix of male and female vocals builds audio structures throughout every verse. Also, the comfortable pace of the music lends itself to road trip or beachside walk emotions.

When I listened to Your Crush in single form, there was a definite repetition of themes. It’s easy to listen and forget. But Strawberry Fields gives Your Crush more time to dwell in your mind and hook into the sugary pop parts of your brain. In some ways, Your Crush follows recognizable trends but is able to offer a distinct presentation that becomes their signature. Even with five songs, it’s almost like listening to one extended track or even a soundtrack that highlights specific emotions.

I don’t think it’s fair to say that Your Crush is a summation of their influences. But the familiarity of sound allows Your Crush to create its own unique universe. With Strawberry Sheets as their first EP, it presents a firm foundation for the band’s perspective. To continually release this same style might become repetitive, so I hope Your Crush opens their composition and arrangement wider on newer releases.

There’s a lot to enjoy on Strawberry Fields. It’s a great cleanse to over-produced pop music and introduces the duo perfectly.

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