My introduction to Cafuné was through Noah Yoo‘s Twitter. I think he mentioned Korean Indie and introduced the duo. Since I don’t like reviewing singles as it’s hard to drill enough words about a single song, I listened to Cafuné’s singles here and there. Then in 2021, Running was released and I meant to listen to it and promptly forgot.

Cafuné running

Coming back to the nine song album, it’s a great collection of indie pop rock. Their Bandcamp page also tags themselves as alternative, which tracks depending on the song. Generally, I think the band is a mix of a lot of styles and one will stick out depending on what verse you’re on. It’s crazy to see that “Tek It” has over five million plays and other songs ranging from 27,000 to 890,000 plays, but honestly what does that really mean for the duo?

As for the music, Cafuné recorded Running in their own homes and that’s not apparent listening to the album. I think it can be even harder to create music with two people because the merging and discarding of ideas are much more difficult. Faster tempo or more “attitude rich” songs seem to have more plays than others, but there’s a definite cohesiveness throughout the entire album. Cafuné’s songs appear to have widespread interest since no song is abandoned.

I think that Cafuné has a sound for the internet and social media generation. Vocals by Sedona Schat are warm and sweet that slide over the instrumentals with ease. The instrumentals are full and layered but don’t feel bloated or overbaked. It’s kind of a timeless presentation and suits every season.

According to Spotify, people seemed to drop off at “Live It Back Down,” but the last three songs on Running are my favorite of the release. In this single-focused world, the entire experience of Running can get lost. It’s best to listen to Running from start to finish to get the full audio experience.

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