Big Baby Driver has an expansive discography and she’s been releasing music since 2010. She’s also explored different genres with Bigbet. Leftover is a five song EP containing previously unreleased songs. It’s unclear from what years these songs are from, but they all center around an indie pop sound.

big baby driver leftover

The EP is a quick listen at a little short of 17 minutes. But Big Baby Driver’s core signature is presented perfectly and I wonder if the songs didn’t match a respective release or they didn’t meet a standard to be released before. “Where Do We Go from Here” is a simple indie pop track. If you didn’t know before, Big Baby Driver would sound perfectly natural as an English-speaking artist. Her English vocals are easily understandable. The track features a simple drum track highlighted with acoustic guitar and piano with bass guitar mainly following the melody.

“Let Me Take You to the Edge of the World” contains a broader sound. The organ keyboards add depth with the multiple guitar layers giving the song a lot of life. I really like this song because it presents itself very plainly, but you get drawn in. “Monster” has an older, more classic tone. It kind of reminds me of 1950s doo-wop mixed with pop rock. It falls a little outside the regular style that Big Baby Driver presents, but even if it was an experiment, the track is a big success.

“I Won’t Do It Again” has a kid’s racing game style to it. It might be because of the percussion groove and the keyboards, but it has this bright and beach-like quality that you’d hear as you drive around the track. As an instrumental, it sticks out a little more than the other songs. Closing Leftover, “How to Kill My United Blues” reminds me of older Billy Carter. It merges blues rock with an indie pop presentation and sounds a little weird at the beginning because the song sounds much brighter than expected.

After listening to Leftover, it’s a little clearer why these songs might have not been included in other releases. They are all unique and sit as outliers compared to her other music. But Leftover also shows the versatility that Big Baby Driver has with songwriting and arrangement. While I don’t think this is the first release you should hear by her, it’s definitely one to listen to after you familiarize yourself with her music.

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