Leevisa is a DJ and producer with releases going back to 2018. Koreography is a 2022 EP containing four songs. Honestly, it’s a slightly weird experience listening to the EP. It’s kind of like wandering through a maze where nothing and everything are real at once.

lessvisa koreography

To start, “Avant Garde Challenge” is a very accurate description. It perfectly encompasses what you’re going to hear. The 2:36 track length doesn’t drag though, it moves quickly and the many different layered samples are fun to hear. I’m not totally sure if it was really a challenge, but to someone listening to Leevisa for the first time, you might wonder what you started.

For most people, “Indoor Labor” might be an easier entry. It carries a bit more customary arrangements and elements. Leevisa manipulates the different samples over the blended percussion. Melodies break up verses and the cut-and-paste tone is fragmented but enjoyable.

Personally, I like “Three Shifts” the best. The use of the backbeat in the main beat along with the claps that move from across the channels is interesting. I kind of wonder what Leevisa’s biggest strength is – is it with a melody or is it with percussion? Her music does have a strong percussion element, but there’s the careful use of melodies so it’s not just a wall of oppressive sound.

“Sori Wa Spirit” was a single release before Koreography and sits differently as the closing song. Leevisa’s precious tracks had a larger amount of beats while “Sori Wa Spirit” is tones and melodies. It takes some time before you start hearing percussion, and it comes across as a more recognizable addition to support the song.

Listening to DJs, producers, and electronic artists, I like hearing how they establish their signature among a universe of potential sounds. Leevisa is recognizable after you listen to Koreography. I bet her live performance is really engaging too.

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