Listening to DOMA‘s posthumous self-titled album is melancholy. Co-produced by 거누 and Cacophony, DOMA is a collection of songs that could have been lost. Reading about the album, it seems that songs were in different stages and 거누 worked to complete them for this final album.


If you listened to Drifting To An Island For Reason I Don’T Know, you already have a foundation of DOMA’s music. This album expands on that first album’s sound. But I think 거누 took very special care not to change the ideas that DOMA had for these tracks. It’s an impressive feat that the duo was able to complete this work while holding back their own musical strengths to present the style and sound that made DOMA so special.

I think every song on the album is amazing. If you didn’t know the work that went into it, you’d think it was a natural progression in style as an artist. At the same time, this final album carries a lot of weight and emotion because you hear how talented DOMA was. Given a little more time and an expanded audience, she would have been a powerhouse for a wide audience.

Indie rock and folk might not be a favorite genre for people, but the love and care put forth by Cacophony and 거누 can also be subconsciously felt. All the musicians who contributed to DOMA put forth an effort to realize what these songs needed to be. Outside of this being a final release, DOMA is a classic album regardless. It captures the freedom and breezy nature that only DOMA could harness in her own way.

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