While I’ve heard of Khundi Panda before, I didn’t know gim llama. song-jeong mansion seems to be a collaboration between the two artists, but what I take away from the album is a mixture of ideas to create a slightly strange, but addictive release.

gim llama khundi panda song-jeong mansion

Starting with “song-jeong mansion,” the album gets off to a weird indie and R&B start mixed with mid-track rap. It sets up most of the album where you shouldn’t expect a standard hip-hop release. gim llama appears to have gotten his start in 2020. Khundi Panda goes back to 2017-18. gim llama’s vocals stick out on top of every song. “corridor” is one of my favorite songs because he uses a lot of different rhythms in the delivery.

Khundi Panda carries a more standard delivery, working over the beats to add his own presence. It’s hard to really describe what you’re going to hear on song-jeon mansion other than it’s a hybrid. I do like how each artist is given enough time to make an impact on every song rather than a simple feature or one song per artist.

I do think that the hip-hop influence helps create a lot of track variety. Where you might get a direct indie/hip-hop song, gim llama and Khundi Panda are creating something unique. “revelation” features gim llama and it’s a jazz and lounge genre track that feels both off and right at home in song-jeong mansion.

Ultimately, this collaboration results in an amazing album. Neither artist overshadows the other and the weird setting the album sets up is pretty amazing. Khundi Panda has a solid presence in hip-hop and now gim llama has made a big introduction with his particular style.

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