SHINDRUM was a recent performer on Naver OnStage and that was my first introduction to him. As a former drummer, I always like watching and listening to the talents of different percussionists. That performance leads me to his album, Who I Am, which gives an excellent presentation of his talents.

shindrum who i am

Who I Am surrounds SHINDRUM with a wide selection of featured artists from Jinbo, Sam Kim, Khundi Panda, THAMA, and more. I think SHINDRUM’s foundations lie in jazz which can translate to easily providing interesting percussion around hip-hop. His style is versatile. Even though SHINDRUM is the center of every track, there is a lot of emphasis on the other instrumentals and melodies that he’s setting the tempos for.

“Saul’s Jam” steers into a blues and jazz mix and the third track already changes the expectation of the music. A lot of Who I Am’s tracks feature hip-hop artists which show the counterpoints between the verse delivery and SHINDRUM’s rhythms. It’s kind of perfect.

Another highlight is that each artist gets their own unique track rather than a copy-paste, generic hip-hop rhythm to work over. Sam Kim’s “Overthink” is more R&B showcasing both the smooth vocals and the more ambient percussion. “Sail Up” featuring THAMA and hoonch is another great example of SHINDRUM’s ability to continually create addictive tempos and allow the featured artists to take their place.

I really like how SHINDRUM is the center of every song but allows every artist and melody to exist openly. There’s a lot to like on this album and I’ll be keeping an eye on SHINDRUM for a while.

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