Finding out about My Yellow Poney through a YouTube video, I was curious what other music the group made. With three EPs released in 2020 and 2021, I’ve spent most of my time with Burning : Happiness Circuits!. The other two EPs, Happiness Circuits and Exploding : Happiness Circuits! seem to be a series with Burning : Happiness Circuits! sitting in the middle.

my yellow poney burning happiness circuits

My Yellow Poney sound like a combination of influences. “When I’m in a next life” is an easygoing indie rock track. There’s a noticeable synth and keyboard presence surrounded by bass and drums with guitar adding a few highlights. “Get Out (Robots In My Body)” sounds like a song that would fit a Tim Burton movie. It’s short but makes a big impact.

The group also goes into electric pop on “Flower Shower.” It’s a big switch, but very addictive. The vocals mold and fuse with the melodies and add to the song’s hook. My Yellow Poney switch again with electronic rock on “KARMA.” What is apparent is that each song and style is a deliberate choice. I don’t think My Yellow Poney is going for a random style or genre, they have a distinct perspective that falls into different genres.

The most similar band you might consider is EGO FUNCTION ERROR, who also mix and manipulate genres. Listening through Burning : Happiness Circuits!, I get the feeling that My Yellow Poney is very much a group influenced by their daily lives and influences. They don’t seem to feel like they need to follow expected trends or genres and create music that fits their ideas.

I like how different My Yellow Poney are and it’s definitely a new experience that will entertain a lot of people. The EP sucks you in and grabs your attention quickly and somehow feels like it ends too quickly.

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