I wouldn’t exactly describe Phobia Girl Wants To Get Out Of Her F**king Freaky World as a weird EP, but Fogstar is definitely making music that’s frenetic. The four song EP is quick but makes a decent impact on your ears. It’s basically kind of like a fever dream and then it’s over.

fogstar Phobia Girl Wants To Get Out Of Her Fucking Freaky World

“Phobia Girl” as a starter is a mix of an even tempo combined with a very energetic vocal line. Fogstar moves from verse to verse quickly, filling in each beat with a lot of lyrics. When she does take the time to let the instrumental peek through, it’s quickly covered with the next set of lines. There’s is a quiet peak energy building throughout the song that you’re waiting to explode, which unfortunately doesn’t happen.

Fogstar uses both English and Korean vocals. “Phobia Girl” plays out in English and “Universe In The Room” is in Korean. The use of both feel and sound is completely natural and you can enjoy songs either way. “Universe In The Room” has a different tone from “Phobia Girl.” It slowly builds from verse to verse.

I’m kind of curious what influences Fogstar has because the music has an indie rock feel, but there are some punk rock elements and influences that surface throughout the music. “Anniversary” pulls back everything and goes into a slower-paced indie rock song and is unexpected. The randomness of Phobia Girl Wants To Get Out Of Her F**king Freaky World might be one of Fogstars best abilities.

Then you get to “Coke Boy” and that’s just a song you need to hear without any introduction. Phobia Girl Wants To Get Out Of Her F**king Freaky World is an interesting introduction. It feels like a very present set of songs and I’m not sure where Fogstar might go from here, but I’m ready for the ride.

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