I’m not sure how I was referred to Voiid Alpha‘s THE REVERSE. It might have been an associated artist on Spotify. But once I started listening to THE REVERSE and its darker and moody electronic music, I was hooked. It’s a little short of 20 minutes, but the six songs offer a great soundtrack to work or drive to.

voiid alpha the reverse

You might not get much from “INTRO” as it mainly starts laying the groundwork for the EP as a whole. It reminds me of this cyberpunk universe mixed with RPG elements, which is a weird combination. The song is about a minute and a half and serves to welcome you into Voiid Alpha’s world.

I sometimes get an 80Kidz vibe even though the two artists aren’t entirely similar. “FACE IT” features additional female vocals which make the song sound even more compelling. The vocals flow around and across the instrumentals and both take time to be the center of the track.

“REVEAL” is a driving song. The sustained tones mixed with the percussion samples that move from the left to right channel create forward momentum. Voiid Alpha is aware of tempo and rhythm and this is the song where it’s proven. I will say that “REVEAL” can come across as a basic and standard electronic track, but it has a lot of unique elements.

“REFLECTION” presents a jazz-hop/Nujabes feel with its piano intro. The song is more like an interlude because it breaks the flow between “REVEAL” and “SYNCHRONIZE.” As the closer, “SYNCHRONIZE” flies across multiple styles in its six minutes and 29-second run time. The track kind of merges all the ideas from earlier songs together.

Voiid Alpha starts with a strong introduction. I like how familiar the music style is at the beginning, but you can start to hear Voiid Alpha’s own perspective start coming across the music as you work through the EP.

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