As far as consistency goes, Joe’s sorry rides a comfortable rhythm for the entirety of its sub-15-minute runtime, never amounting to more than pleasant mid-tempo offerings. Given the release is so short, such uniformity works for the better, allowing for audiences to settle in for a smooth, if not slightly uninspiring, ride.

joe sorry

We start with the titular track, one filled with lyrics about regret and harsh admittance delivered over tempered percussion, complemented by thick, resonant bass which lingers in the background. Joe’s deep, rather raspy voice works well here, settling into the soundscape seamlessly as he raps about how his significant other is the one he “can’t afford to lose.”

“trip,” follows a similar pattern, with its plucked, slowly unravelling bassline accompanying a more vulnerable vocal delivery, along with staggered drum beats. OL vine’s feature does add a different layer, with his full-bodied voice giving ample smoothness to the rather one-dimensional verses.

In “bad dream,” however, things do pick up slightly, with the melancholy piano melodies aiding in providing a more well-rounded backdrop, and the instrumentation further helped by the use of traditional drum patterns as opposed to programmed ones. As such, it stands out as a more authentic offering and a track that attempts to be a little different from much of the paint-by-numbers hip-hop available. The addition of autotune in places is smart here too, keeping things engagingly sleek.

Final song “empty” retains this formula too, with a slower piano intro succumbing to Joe’s husky voice and undertones of bass nicely, before Sue kim smoothens out proceedings with her honeyed chorus. Given a subtle energy through the plodding drum patterns, “empty” is a solid closer, even if, like much of the EP, it lacks a degree of memorability.

All in all, sorry is an effort entirely serviceable, but without an element of punch that would distinguish it further. Joe’s rather unique voice does help things, but that alone isn’t enough to truly make this a noteworthy offering. Maybe, if we do ever get a follow-up, these decent beginnings can be built upon, though.

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