London Fuzz appeared through a YouTube music video and I thought this was a new band. But it turns out that the band released its first single in 2014 and quietly released new singles from 2019 to the 2022 EP. Triple Grunge Man is another sampler with four songs coming in at a little over 10 minutes and 30 seconds. The four songs do offer a great introduction to the band’s sound, grabbing distortion-filled and grunge rock that also feels like it has British rock influence.

london fuzz triple grunge man

The first track, “Triple Grunge Man,” is almost three minutes, but really serves as an introduction to London Fuzz. The even-paced tempo is surrounded by guitar effects and a low-in-the-mix drum rhythm. It’s interesting that the drums fill both channels, but the hi-hat lives in the left channel. “Triple Grunge Man” has a lot of energy that’s muted by the mix, probably on purpose.

“Life Is Down No More” pulls drums forward along with the vocals while the guitars sit at the bottom and the bass guitar lines create a separation in the middle. London Fuzz slowly increases the tempo and the three-minute song length feels extended. There’s a definite simplicity to the composition of songs, focusing on creating a specific atmosphere that’s probably amazing to experience live.

While London Fuzz is a filter and distortion-heavy band, “Bye Bye All My Life” presents acoustic guitar with keyboards all pushed through the band’s now-signature filters. You know you’re listening to London Fuzz pretty quickly, but I like this switch. The band does seem to offer a minimal amount of lyrics, favoring repeating verses over and over.

The last song is a demo version of “Triple Grunge Man,” which is more acoustic guitar and vocals working out the song arrangement. Triple Grunge Man is a trip to past styles and genres brought back. London Fuzz offers a distinct sound that will attract British rock fans first.

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