As much as I enjoy Kim Oki‘s 2022 album Greeting, I don’t think it’s where you should start. The album is subterfuge. It’s more low-key and calming compared to his previous releases. The jazz-forward explosion and experimentation is replaced with an end of the night, whiskey-sipping bar soundtrack.

kim oki greeting

Though Kim Oki does a great job composing tracks that allow his features to shine. LeeHis vocals are a lot more mellow than her own music, but fit the tone of “Bye” perfectly. You can still hear Kim Oki’s signatures, especially the saxophone, play out through the album which is a plus. And Greeting contains a lot of instrumentals, you can enjoy the album as background music.

The standout tracks will be the ones with guest vocals like “Between” featuring DAYE. The addition of vocals give Kim Oki’s music a curve that molds itself to support the artist. With tracks like “It’s All Good,” you really get to dive into this under the surface jazz perspective. At over eight minutes, you really dive deep into the audio.

That’s a theme throughout Greeting, the songs sound simple and almost like muzak at times, but with 10 songs and a length of one hour and three minutes, this album might be the best background music to calm your mind. For jazz fans, you have a lot of music to dissect and think about.

Greeting is an amazing album, adding a fantastic set of songs to Kim Oki’s discography. I still think that new listeners should start with a different album to get a more developed sense of the type of music he composes before starting Greeting.

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