My introduction to Joel Eel was from an email announcing his newest album, Love Infinity. Without the email, I probably wouldn’t have heard of his music. A producer in Canada, Joel Eel creates organic and dynamic worlds within the electronic genre. Love Infinity is a universe-building album that offers a place where you are in the middle of creation.

joel eel love infinity

Since the album is my first time listening to Joel Eel, it’s an interesting journey into how he produces his music. “Piece of Heaven” flows like a futuristic racing soundtrack. The use of percussion is impressive and how it mixes with the various melodic sample layers. I wonder how many layers the track has. The movement of “Piece of Heaven” is fast and the tempo feels like you’re sitting in an accelerating rocket.

“Ten Thousand Years” takes another tone with its precise walking tempo building an image of a cyberpunk cityscape. The core melodies push you forward while the samples on the edge of the song sound like the white noise you’ve gotten used to. Joel Eel has a strong attachment to rhythms and how they transform the audio experience. “Life Vessel” has a lot of counterpoint rhythms that sound like they’re fighting and hugging at the same time without mumbling across the verse.

Then you have “Hybrid Human Pt. I” and “Hybrid Human Pt. II” which remind me of COR3A‘s world-building sonics. I really like these two tracks because they don’t just repeat the same sounds verse after verse and build layers on each other.

“Love Infinity” with Leevisa is a little bit of an outlier. This seems to be the case with any collaboration on the album. Combining and fusing perspectives leads to something that bridges both artists’ styles. It also adds a cool variety to the album.

Love Infinity works great as background music because all the tempos move at a great pace. But when you give the album your full attention, you can start hearing all the lower-level elements that create Joel Eel’s sound. While you can say that his percussion-forward melodic tracks can sound familiar, he has a specific signature that’s worth exploring.

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