Listening to Frankly I…, it’s impressive that FRankly was able to present five songs in different styles together and still have a cohesive EP. Depending on which song you start with, you might think FRankly is a specific type of band, but they are versatile in their sound.

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“TR” is a pretty straightforward indie rock song. The even tempo that moves from verse to verse to chorus easily can attract fans who really like melodies and unique bridges. It’s not a complicated song at all and that’s what makes it fun to hear.

FRankly jump into funk and psychedelics on “Roller Coaster.” It has elements of “TR,” but sits in its own place. The guitar and bass work together to push the different rhythms with the drums giving the foundation to the whole track. “Roller Coaster” is just as fun as “TR,” just in a different way.

I think the song that works the best for FRankly is “Grow Up!” It fits a lot of current trends with a slower and melodic tempo. The vocals are smooth and flow over each verse without any problem. It’s the perfect song as an introduction to Korean music overall because it taps into familiar styles.

Strangely, “Back to Love” doesn’t have a tracked number of plays like FRankly’s other songs. The acoustic front of the song might be too different for some people, but “Back to Love” is FRankly’s ballad rock song. I do think it has that commercial draw as opposed to the band’s other songs.

“Burger” has the most plays according to Spotify, but is close to “Back to Love.” I think that FRankly’s use of both English and Korean vocals help it bridge with a wider audience. The song is interesting because the front is more of a slow indie song that translates to a beach-rock tone before jumping into a shoegaze bridge to finish. It might be the most complex of FRankly’s songs.

Frankly I… is an impressive mix of different genres that all have FRankly’s center in mind. It’s easy to get lost in the album and only takes 20 minutes of your time. They’re definitely a band to watch.

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