POCLANOS continues to be a great source to find new artists and Soseo (SHUUU was the previous artist name that she changed to before the review went live) is on that list. Her R&B style is fully realized on her first EP, SHUUU! The four songs feature two new tracks along with two previously released 2021 singles It’s a great way to get immersed in her style.

shuuu shuuu!

“Freelancer” is a mid-tempo and simple track that features a mellow acoustic guitar-driven melody supported by bass and drums. While the percussion might be a background sample rhythm, everything sounds organic. Soseo’s vocals follow the style by being light and airy while hitting all the right melodies. The song moves quickly to showcase a lot of different elements of Soseo’s voice.

Kim Seungmin features on “Hate You, Miss You” and the song sounds like a standard R&B and pop track. While it plays it safe, it still has an addictive melody and rhythm that gets your attention. Adding the male vocal feature does add variety and he’s given enough time to make an impact on the song instead of a single verse. “Hate You, Miss You” is a great addition to a playlist, but might not have enough weight to sit as a standalone single.

If you wondered if Soseo was able to go full mainstream pop, “Candy” convinces you that she has that appeal. The track reminds me of a lot of other songs with a recognizable rhythm and Soseo’s vocals manipulate a lot of different rhythms. It’s easy to get drawn into the track.

“If we were friends” sounds like a soundtrack song. The minimalist opener leads to an R&B and ballad fusion. It also combines a lot of standard elements inside the arrangement. It’s interesting because while Soseo isn’t creating anything specifically unique, her style and form shine through. Though you might have trouble recognizing her song on first listen.

SHUUU! is a good start. It does follow genre standards pretty closely but shows that Soseo can achieve a lot with expected composition. Hopefully, her next release is something that shows her own color rather than following what’s already in the music world.

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