It’s great to see the growth of this current generation of Korean diaspora artists. They are finding their voices within a weirdly connected world, taking influences from a wide range of sources. NoSo‘s Parasites is a part of that world. The foundation is indie and pop music but adds larger elements into the music. Parasites follow David, a previous single that contains songs leading up to NoSo’s Stay Proud of Me, releasing in July.

noso parasites

“Parasites” is the only new track among the four songs, but this is the first time I’ve taken a deeper listen to their music. What sticks out first is NoSo’s vocals. They’re mid-range with this choral and ethereal border. It might be the effects added to their voice, but the warm center welcomes you quickly.

It’s a comforting melody and easy-to-digest composition. The track has a lot of instrumental layers and I really like how NoSo’s vocals sit in the center and are circled by everything.

“David” has an indie rock introduction and reminds me a bit of Pictoria Vark‘s style of composition. NoSo sounds perfectly comfortable during the verse, but the chorus is where the song takes off. It sounds like it could have a much bigger presence, but the restraint keeps you even more interested.

NoSo’s versatility is shown in “Honey Understand.” It sounds like an older electronic pop track at the start, but as it opens up, “Honey Understand” has this sweetness that bleeds through the melodies. The deliberate vocal delivery of the verses keeps the tension going until the build-up to the chorus. “Honey Understand” is a perfect song for a soundtrack.

Closing Parasites, “Suburbia” is a 2021 single and has the most plays among any of the songs. It’s slightly brighter than other tracks and has the least amount of vocal effects. The click track is an interesting part of the song because it shouldn’t work so well, but helps lift up the percussion. “Surburbia” really showcases NoSo’s vocals and this is what I would expect to hear during a live show. If you look at Parasites as a timeline, each song shows NoSo’s growth in composition and arrangement.

The single, or EP depending on how you look, is a good preview of NoSo’s upcoming full length. You get a great introduction to their style and perspective up to the present and add a lot of anticipation for the full length.

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