Oh HeeJung has been a prolific artist, releasing new music yearly in some shape or form. I feel like she’s an artist that lives under the surface and deserves a lot more attention, but she might not crave it. Welcome is a seven-song album, bringing back a lot of her signature style, but now adding additional support from 조지훈. Welcome is still inside Oh Heejung’s realm, but sounds a bit more expanded.

oh heejung welcome

“UFO” is the introduction and the teaser. It reminds me of the tones on her previous albums and helps you settle into the music. The core of Oh Heejung’s music is electronic with the addition of pop and indie elements. It depends on song to song, but she’s firm in the groundwork coming from programming and keyboards before layering other pieces. And what gels everything is her vocals, which seem even more melodic and confident.

There’s a turn on “OK, See you” that makes me think of her earlier albums like Everybody here wants you back and set adrift. There’s a minimalist presentation on the track which still connects every verse with a strong, but subdued melodic line. “Welcome” is an upbeat electronic pop track. Oh Heejung’s music has a strong focus on the melody and there aren’t a lot of heavy or weighted instrumentals, giving the track a breezy feel.

“Damn” brings back some memories, but I don’t remember which album it reminds me of. The track is almost like a soundtrack piece that plays in the background and grabs your attention at specific verses. Its placement in the middle of the album provides a separation.

The latter half of Welcome doesn’t move that far from the front but does offer a different tone. “Slow Bom” reminds me of Beautiful Days, Oh Heejung’s former band. It has a split between an electronic indie pop and indie rock composition. It’s also a song that really lets you hear her vocals.

“Your future House” and “Paradise” need to be heard without an introduction because they serve a specific purpose at the end of Welcome. I continue to enjoy every album Oh Heejung releases. She has a specific sound and style, but it’s one I enjoy revisiting when she releases new music.

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