My past experience with Goosedown is from their 2020 EP Room. The band released a 2021 EP that I missed and now has released a 10-track full length. With their older release, I heard grunge and alternative genres coming forth alongside indie rock. On Recall, Goosedown seems to be following the same trend while adding some slight changes.

goosedown recall

The first thing that stuck out was a slightly muted and simpler recording overall. “Battery Cage” sounds normalized during the verses, but the chorus feels weakened with the vocals clearly sitting on top of the instrumentals. It’s a weird mix that pulls some of the energy out of the experience.

This continues on “Wave.” I wonder if recording Recall was done quickly because at times the song sounds more like a demo than a fully realized track. The drums have a bit of a hollow sound while the guitars have more presence. Vocals on “Wave” have more impact than on “Battery Cage,” but still lack some of the energy that the song’s potential presents.

Recording aside, Goosedown really goes deep into their grunge and alternative styles on “White Phosphorus” and “Refugee.” They’re my favorites on the album. You can hear the potential in every song, but the final version on Recall doesn’t capture the whole picture. It reminds me of Monkeyz first EP that sounded too clean and polished with Goosedown going the other way.

I hear so many good songs on Recall and it’s disappointing that the songs on Recall can’t fully capture and present what I think should be the result. The album needs to be mixed and mastered again to properly set the instrumental and their respective levels. The vocals also need to have a bigger presence rather than just being sat at the top of the mix on most songs.

There is so much to like on Goosedown’s Recall, it’s sad that it doesn’t cross the line.

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