Bird’s Eye Batang is an interesting electronic artist. Flood Format is an eight-song album that presents the style and perspective of Bird’s Eye Batang perfectly, even when the music is slightly strange.

bird's eye batang flood format

The music is a mixture of sampled melodies and somewhat random percussion elements. I think that Bird’s Eye Batang has a kind of video game 8-bit style in some of the verses. The tempos vary too depending on the song. “Slippery Smile” as the opener starts slow before working through this maze of melodic points.

“Tongue Tracers” is a little more straightforward and reminds me of an off-key racing game song. There’s a lot happening in each verse with layered samples creating very controlled chaos. “Spin & Stone” combines the multi-layered style with more weaving audio. But there’s still very specific control throughout the song. Bird’s Eye Batang is also not afraid to change course in the same song so sometimes it sounds like you’re listening to a different song.

It’s that variety that keeps Flood Format interesting. Bird’s Eye Batang doesn’t need pounding bass or percussion lines to keep your interest, it’s more about how the melodies work together to create a unique audio sphere. The randomness of Flood Format could confuse you a little as you can’t find a real core to attach to, but you do hear some common instruments or samples used.

I’ve listened to Flood Format from start to finish a lot and I hear a lot of different cues. It’s controlled randomness that grabs your attention and when you hear the album through a couple of times, you start to hear the themes used. Bird’s Eye Batang has a fun electronic album, though you need to invest some time to really hear everything.

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