I think 24HoursParty People is a classic Korean rock and roll album. The band has been around since 2012 with their most active period between 2012 and 2016. The band seemed to have taken a break until 2020 when they started releasing new singles. Now in 2022, we get a new EP, 1234.

24hours 1234

1234 is an evolution of the band’s sound. With members going out and exploring as artists, the band’s original British rock influence has lessened and 24Hours is more akin to straight rock with smaller added influences. “Stereotype” carries 24Hours’ signature style a mixture of constantly moving guitar riffs, energetic vocals, and precise percussion to support the whole song. 24Hours has a trend to lead with vocals heard on the song.

“I Can See The World” is brighter. The guitars provide a great introduction before the vocals and bass take over. The drumming helps connect every beat while the lead and rhythm guitars help build energy. It’s one of their most radio and pop-friendly songs, something perfect for the summer.

I always wonder how much bands and members change over time and with 10 years of experience, 24Hours has a lot to pull from. “1234” sounds closest to their origins and is one of my favorite songs on the EP. It’s just got this attitude that feels like it’s missing from current releases. The constant guitar line adds this tension that slowly builds over the track and even though “1234” is the shortest song, it might have the most weight.

Closing the EP, “Last Night” is a mixture of rock genres. There are elements of funk and pop in every verse. I think “Last Night” is the song that will get the most attention overall because it feels perfect. The slower tempo allows every beat to exist and the chorus grabs your attention. This might be the song to start with if you’re new to 24Hours.

I’m happy that 24Hours has new music. I still listen to Party People because it is one of my favorite Korean rock albums. The band has grown individually and that results in a stronger group overall. 1234 is a great showcase of where they are now.

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