The Busan-based singer-songwriter dwells on the remains of a past love in two graceful ballads. Inspired by her environment, MOMENTSYUMI uses the motifs of sea and sunlight to describe how she loved and lost. She fully embraces her straightforward style without any unnecessary complications.

momentsyumi mirage of love

The two ballads feel like an endless stream of calming energy, equally mellow and expressive. This simplicity and commitment to staying true to herself is what gives Momentsyumi’s music a sense of freshness and makes her stand out in the contemporary indie scene. She introduces this release by saying, “The light of love has disappeared and only an afterimage remains.”

Momentsyumi centers the first song, “Sea of love,” around the ocean and channels its waves through her chant-like singing and rhythmical strokes of the acoustic guitar. The soft, mesmerizing ballad is a powerful love confession, with the vocals growing stronger and more courageous with every second.

Her singing corresponds with the lyrics, more timid and unsure at the beginning only to grow into full conviction by the end of the song. It’s an amazingly refined track that I could listen to endlessly. Just like the waves of the ocean, “Sea of love” is relaxing but never boring.

The title track of the EP, “Mirage of love” is a blast from the past. With its slow beats and synthy sounds, the song could be easily mistaken for a slow 80s ballad. Momentsyumi further embraces the retro aesthetic in her music video, with pastel colours and hazy visuals. She takes on the classic 80s vibe, commits to it, and makes it her own.

The results are mesmerizing and remarkably fresh, leaving the listener wanting more. In contrast to the previous track, this one starts on a strong note, with deep vocals and complex production. “Mirage of love” is inspired by various forms of light, whether it be coming from the flame of a past love or the sun. It is everything a solid ballad should be: dreamy, intricate, and perfectly enchanting.

Momentsyumi presents a particularly enjoyable pair of songs, full of freshness and refinement. The wonderful, calming sound of Mirage of love has a virtual healing effect on the listener. Both the ballads are a pleasure to listen to and her clever decision to base the songs on elements of nature nicely ties them together. She definitely stands out in the indie scene with her strong vision which does not feel forced.

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Edinburgh local with affinity for sad indie music and sunny places.