POLYP‘s 2021 EP Modern Dinosaurs is an essential release for people who are looking for melodic rock. It has a lot of different slices of rock inside each of the four songs. The band makes its presence known quickly from the start and even though the EP is only 12 and a half minutes, it gets the job done.

polyp modern dinosaurs

“BANINABCHU” starts slow, but slowly builds across each verse. POLYP uses a slight subterfuge approach with very melodic vocals supported by a clean guitar. The bass and drums follow along without overpowering the first melodies. By the first minute, the song opens up and you get a full wave of POLYP’s sound. The tempo is easygoing and you are lulled into a warm surrounding.

The band changes tone a little on “African Gray” by adding a bit more variety in the instrumentals through the rhythm along with dual vocals. “African Gray” has an upbeat and lifted tone. One standout feature is that the band adds stops throughout the song. It’s not abrupt, but it’s kind of like the entire band is taking a breath before starting again.

POLYP change tempos again on “Save Me” and highlight a walking pace tempo. While POLYP’s foundation is in rock, it pulls from tangential genres like surf and indie rock to slightly change different verses. I like how the music doesn’t copy and paste every verse and POLYP is on a journey with each track.

Closing Modern Dinosaurs with “Penguin,” POLYP take everything they’ve featured before and put it in the final song. Sometimes it can sound repetitive because POLYP has a strong and deliberate style, but the band is able to successfully present distinct songs.

Modern Dinosaurs isn’t redefining the genre. What the EP does is cement POLYP as a melodic rock band that has a specific sound and style.

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