According to Bugs, Princess of Persia is inspired by the Prince of Persia game. The game itself goes way back to 2003 for the more modern remake and further for the original game. What stuck out with Sup:hen is her rap style and tempo. It’s an old reference, but her style reminded me of the Japanese duo Halcali.

suphen princess of persia

Generally, songs on Princess of Persia are short, most barely breaking past two minutes. The instrumentals aren’t dumping hard instrumentals and bass in your ears, favoring to let Sup:hen take the lead. The vocal recording is also interesting because it has this echo that gives them a DIY sound. “Princess of Persia” as the introduction to the song is an easy-going starter that quickly moves into “Black Forest.”

This track goes a little darker and allows Sup:hen to add more staccato and rhythm to her delivery. Though “Black Forest” sounds more like an interlude than a whole song. “Bird Man” is a minimal track that has little in terms of layered instrumentals and really focuses on Sup:hen, as it should. I think her delivery is strong with a bit more spoken word instead of a bloated hard aggressive presentation.

“Dodori(:ㅂ:)” is the longest track at over four minutes. It keeps a consistent instrumental across the entire song and kind of sounds like a wandering exploration. The length lets Sup:hen show off more which I enjoyed. My favorite song is “Goofy Summer.” It’s just a little random and weird which makes it fun to hear. I do wonder why Sup:hen’s vocals have the echo on most songs. It’s not too distracting and I’m curious if this was just how the vocals were recorded or if it was deliberate. Only “Afresh!” has a fully polished production, making it an outlier.

Princess of Persia is fun and Sup:hen has a unique style that’s worth a listen. With this her first full EP, who knows what direction she might take next?

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