While the name Precocious Neophyte might be new, the experience of the artist behind the name is far from new. With experience in bands like Vidulgi OoyoO and Juck Juck Grunzie, Precocious Neophyte starts a new chapter of music that bridges the past into something new for the future.

Precocious Neophyte home in the desert

Home In The Desert is an impressive return or better regarded as a rebirth. It combines the shoegaze past with a melodic indie rock present and across eight songs shows that the talent that grew inside those former bands hasn’t dwindled or lessened. From the start of “From My Tiny Room,” Precocious Neophyte makes a statement. From the multilayered instrumentals to the weaving vocals, it’s basically a warm-up lap.

“My Electronic Idol” reminds me a lot of Vidulgi OoyoO and at the same time something more modern. Genre mixing is the norm and Home In The Desert does this by looking toward the past and infusing the best parts. “Traveler” sounds like an old song with all the different elements it uses in the arrangement but has a nostalgia that gets stuck in your head.

Depending on your mood, Precocious Neophyte hits a lot of different emotions. It might be a singular vision now, but there is a lot of precise composition in every song. Like the best shoegaze or post rock music, the seemingly random arrangement is actually a careful dance between all the instruments. Precocious Neophyte does this constantly.

The release of Home In The Desert was surprising, but I’m always very happy when musicians I know from years back release something new. I hope that this album isn’t a one-off and Precocious Neophyte continues to build on this new journey because even as a “new” debut, this beats a lot of other artists.

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