WinningShot’s REMINISCENCE is the band’s first full length even though they have been around for four years. What REMINISCENCE offers is nostalgic pop punk and melocore punk experience on 12 songs.

winningshot reminiscence

When I talk about pop punk, I’m referring to the late 90s Fat Wreck Chords bands like Lagwagon and No Use For A Name. If you listen to Japanese punk rock, you might also hear some familiar sounds. Overall REMINISCENCE is a very solid album that has a lot of nostalgic sounds from the three-piece. Guitar, bass, and drums all follow an upbeat tempo mixed with strong melodies.

At a little over 30 minutes, there’s a good amount of music to hear. The mix between male and female vocals adds a good variety and with a lot of English vocals, WinningShot is easily understood by an international audience. I think the only thing that stands out is that it’s a little difficult to hear the vocals sometimes in the mix.

“J of the Friday” is my favorite song on the album and strangely the most Japanese punk-sounding song on the album to me. I also think one of WinningShot’s strengths is that it’s not a single focus on the tempo, but offers a great melodic experience on every song.

It’s always great to hear a new punk release and melodic pop punk is one of my favorite subgenres. For the band’s first full length, WinningShot has a nostalgic sound but has their own unique signature in the genre.

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