I’ve listened to Faver‘s Hold That Thought a lot. Whether it’s from front to back or a single here or there, the EP has stuck in my head a lot. Somehow over four songs, Faver presents a wide range of styles that all have a cohesive string between them. At the end of Hold That Thought, Faver has an open range of places she can go.

faver hold that thought

“Hold that thought” is a bass-heavy, moody electronic and rock track with both English and Korean lyrics. It’s almost mechanical in presentation with Faver’s vocals serving as the main organic and melodic piece. It makes an impact as the first track and gives the impression that the whole EP will have this kind of disjointed and deliberate attack.

But Faver changes that immediately on “Disappear.” It still has the bass-heavy melody mixed with electronic samples and layers, but also presents different energy from “Hold that thought.” First, Faver’s vocals flow over the verse with a bit more presence. Instead of accents like in the first song, Faver’s vocals are a guide to the song. They also have a chance to present themselves to the listener. “Disappear” is the best introduction track.

Obviously, Spotify will choose the most pop-friendly track to add to their playlists, and “Can I sleep next to you” has over 40,000 plays. I think the track is a good mid-EP break. It’s a lot more mellow from the first two tracks and would be in the middle of a full length. Faver’s focus on basslines as the center plays out here too. The mix on “Can I sleep next to you” is slightly different from the other songs with the bass sitting in the center, guitar and drums sitting higher and the vocals placed right above. I don’t think the bass is at the bottom of the mix.

Faver closes Hold That Thought with an acoustic and casual track, “Let It flow.” The listener gets a true impression of Faver without any added effects and samples. The track order appears to slowly strip out samples and layers to end up with this simple closer.

Four songs never seem enough to get a true sense of an artist, but Faver offers four different styles and perspectives. You don’t get bored by any of the songs and it’s unfortunately over before you want.

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