During one of my Bandcamp dives, I saw K90-562. I admit that the album cover drew my attention first and I listened to a few clips of InSook Bang. The album is an interesting mix of songs and ideas. Sometimes they hit and sometimes there are missteps, but I find the album shows her potential.

insook bang k90-562

The tags on Bandcamp are “alternative hip-hop,” “pop,” and “alternative pop.” Those are good descriptions of the music, but I think K90-562 jumps around a little too much. “Lost Child” starts with a dark and somber electronic intro and InSook’s vocals. Then quickly it switches to spoken word for a couple of verses. While I think “Lost Child” has an interesting arrangement, it feels too much like a demo and tries to capture a tone and emotion unsuccessfully.

Then InSook switches on “Said & Done.” It’s more electronic pop. One weakness of the track is that it has an uneven mix. The vocals sound artificially placed on top of the instrumentals. InSook also doesn’t totally reach the range she’s working in so some notes sound off key. I think the song is good but needs better mixing to bring out the song’s potential.

A couple of tracks later, InSook shows off an acoustic track on “Ocean.” As simple as the song is, which I think has a bit of an echo effect on the guitar, I think this is one of the best songs on K90-562. It presents her plainly and you really get a sense of her abilities.

I think that InSook is learning to program, but on almost every song, you really start hearing her abilities. “엄마 (Umma)” is one of the songs that’s simple, but carries some of the heaviest emotional weight. She again presents some great compositions in “Late Night Musings (Spring Came Too Late).

Listening to K90-562, it’s like InSook combined two EPs together into a full length. This causes the music to fight against each other. The heavier synth music muddles the other more acoustic and electronic indie pop tracks resulting in an uneven listen.

In the end, InSook Bang might be discovering her perspective and tone. This can be seen on the album plainly. I think there’s a lot to anticipate in her music and as a starting point, she’s got a lot of ideas in front of her. What she needs to do is clearly define what she’s looking for.

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