INPHASE‘s center is metalcore while adding a heavy amount of post-hardcore and hardcore elements. It’s basically an attack on your ears from start to finish on their first album The Fractal. Built across dual guitars, bass, and drums, INPHASE get started quickly and never let go.

inphase the fractal

The start of The Fractal is an orchestral introduction. “THE PHASE” is a quick track that grows in intensity over its one-minute and 33-second playtime. It’s essentially an introduction to “Lost Cause.” This is where the album gets its true start. The mix on The Fractal is perfect. INPHASE is clear and transparent.

You can enjoy every instrument fully and nothing is muted or hidden. Vocals sit slightly above the instrumentals and while it’s difficult to understand every word, you can still hear it all. The drum recording is excellent and you hear every bass drum hit, cymbal crash, and snare hit. The bass supports every song and you understand its purpose.

It’s impressive that INPHASE is capable of composing tracks that cross three minutes with some songs going into or passing into the four-minute mark. The amount of energy INPHASE present is incredible. The wall of sound can sound oppressive, but each verse is defined and the journey throughout each song is clear.

I think one weakness of the genre might be the repetitive introduction with a large flourish before the song starts. This happens with INPHASE too, but once the song gets moving, you forget about it. Metalcore or post-hardcore isn’t for everyone, but genre fans will enjoy this album a lot. While “The Fractal” is the main single, I’m torn between “The One That Will Take You Down” and ‘The Desert Song” as my favorite track on The Fractal.

The first main metalcore-specific track to me is “Empire.” It presents itself differently than other tracks with a lot more empty space on the verse and more experimentation between the guitars. The song has a different energy from other tracks; hopefully, listeners will not miss this track.

The Fractal is kind of like two EPs in one album. The first half sounds more like recognizable metalcore or hardcore while the back half has more variety and interesting composition. Overall INPHASE show expertise in the genre and have created an album that feels timeless.

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