I received an email in early August from The Willo, a one-man band, about his debut EP, 청춘. I started listening to it and really enjoyed the direct and straightforward rock that he created. The music is melodic and simple on the surface and presents itself honestly.

the willo 청춘

Starting with “청춘,” it gets started quickly. The light distortion on the guitar mixes well with the bass and drums. The 4/4 time signature and easy tempo help you get attached to each verse. Vocals have this repetitive high to mid descent across each verse before opening up on the chorus. The composition is precise and blends well to keep the song moving.

The Willo changes things in “Back To The Future.” It has this British rock tone while keeping the core foundations that you hear on “청춘.” There are more effects, notably on the vocals, and the guitar has a deeper tone. It is a little stripped compared to “청춘,” but that makes it a more interesting listen.

“괴물” goes even deeper into the moody rock “Back To the Future” showed. It’s interesting that The Willo started with “청춘” and as the 4 song release flows, the songs get a little darker. I think The Willo can work in either style, but there’s something a little more compelling with these more intense rock songs. I’m impressed that these tracks are from one person because they have a deep and professional composition, recording, and mixing.

Closing 청춘 is “Noise Cancelling Headphone” which kind of serves the same purpose as “청춘.” It would have been interesting to place this as the first song and “청춘” as the closer to create an opposite effect throughout the release. Regardless The Willo has definitely made an impressive first impression. The songs are interesting, pulling from different genres, and creating a debut that holds your attention. Rock music fans will definitely enjoy this from “청춘” to “Noise Cancelling Headphone.”

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